First Fitness Friday! - Dance House Fitness


Kicking off this Friday Fitness feature with a bang!

What a beautiful sight to enter into, right?!

What a beautiful sight to enter into, right?!

This week I met a friend out and attended a HUGE event where Dance House Fitness led an AMAZING dance fitness class in the coolest venue, Cle nightclub in Midtown, Houston.

I thought I would be slightly out of my element since I am representing the over 40 mamas, but that was not the case at all!  It was an awesome mix of people, complete with uncoordinated newbies like me!!🙋🏻


It was definitely a party atmosphere and it was hard to believe that an actual workout was about to take place.  I mean...check it out:


There were two DJs up on the stage and Jenny and her DHF squad set up spots all around the dance floor.  I was a little nervous because I am SO uncoordinated when it comes to choreography and dance moves.  I can move when I "feel" the music but following an 8 count throws me for a loop.  Go figure.  

We went through three or four routines, starting slow and building on the moves.  After a little practice, I was getting the hang of it but I figured, if I keep moving at the same pace it will all click AND I will be getting the workout I came for.  And boy did I!  I was sweating and having a blast!

Obviously, this was a very special event and not every class will be this over the top.  However, the music, moves and positive vibes WILL certainly be there!

With the dancing queen herself, Jenny Sanchez, DHF owner and bad ass boss.

With the dancing queen herself, Jenny Sanchez, DHF owner and bad ass boss.

Check out their website, they believe in working your body with fitness that is anything but boring and providing you a space for an experience that will make you feel alive!  Their motto: "we don't workout, we werk it out" sums it up pretty well!

With two locations now (Montrose & Heights) and a list of classes like "Hustle", "Booty Werk", "Tight AF", "Strut" and "Extra" you will be on the road to that dancer's body, and finding something that will connect with you and most importantly, MOVE you. 


Oh, yea almost forgot!  I first went to DHF last November for my girlfriend's birthday party.  If you're looking for something different and FUN to do with your squad, this may be the thing! 


Hope you will give DHF a try...if you do, let me know how it goes!  I plan on going back to get some of those moves down. I felt so great and empowered to find my sexy!

Until next Friday, get your move and sweat on!