Friday Fitness Feature - BE YOGA

There is a new studio in town and you MUST check it out!


I have had an on again, off again relationship with Yoga.  I don't know why the "offs" though.  It is SO AMAZING for my mind, body and soul.  I will blame time management because while triathlon training or doing other fitness challenges (like 80 Day Obsession), there are just not enough hours in the week to practice all the things I love.

However, I cannot tell you how wonderful yesterday's class at Be Yoga was for me.  My hips are crazy sore (as I have been complaining about lately), but this class made me realize just how tight and stiff my whole hip as well as my hamstrings are.  My flexibility is totally shot.  Hello, this is where injury stems from!

So, I am committing to a weekly practice as part of my triathlon training (and weight training to keep those muscles strong too).  Time management will be a challenge but I am pretty good at juggling 3000 things.  #momof4 ;)

I am so grateful for the Carbon 38 Ambassador event as I would never have found Be Yoga and met Mel and Kara and the rest of the C38 team.  What a great community of like minded women!   

BE YOGA has been open for a week TODAY and is co-owned by Mel Tello and Kara Ward.  Happy one week birthday, ladies!  

They offer different classes but the one we took was "Be Flow" which is great for anyone at any level, beginners and even pregnant ladies (there were two in class and they got attention to modifications when necessary).

Kara, myself and Mel

Kara, myself and Mel

Their studio is in the heart of the Heights, which if you haven't been lately, is just booming with new business (including the Nourish Juice Bar who supplied our event with yummy juices)!

Come see these awesome ladies and take advantage of some great deals!  

Ending TODAY, 5/25/18, get 2 WEEKS of UNLIMITED classes for $25.  WHAT?  Snap that up!!

And ending 5/31 (next week), get 10 classes for $108...(less than $11 a class, a total steal!)

Go, do it NOW.  Here is the website again:

I promise you will feel amazing and happier having met either of these two gems.

Until next Friday, get your move and sweat on!