Friday Fitness Feature - BOOST! Pilates

I almost didn't make it to my class this morning thanks to some momentary chaos at home (what else is new?).  Luckily, I missed the first class but was able to catch the next one which was filled with Boost instructors! NO PRESSURE!!  Haha!  

It was my first time visiting Boost and their River Oaks location is as charming as the welcome sign on the door.  Beautiful pastels and white reformer machines really hide the fact that that you are about to get your butt kicked with a tough workout! 

Even if you have never taken a reformer Pilates class before, you are likely to recognize the sleek machine and it's sliding carriage.  It is rigged with straps, pulleys and springs that you will use in a number of combinations to give you a total body workout that will leave you weak at the knees.  

That is one of the things I love about Pilates. Despite how much you lift at the gym or how many miles you rack up on your runs or bike rides, the stabilizing muscles used in Pilates will make you keenly aware of how necessary they are to your core, overall balance and posture.  

Boost Pilates is no exception in offering you a challenging workout whether you are a beginner or seasoned regular.  With a super fun playlist, Rachel taught a challenging class today, adding ankle weights where my glutes were set on FIRE and I ended up shaking like a leaf!  

If you haven't given Boost a visit, you are in luck!  

First class is free AND they are currently running a 40 day Elevate Your Fitness challenge.  (I am alllllll about challenges so listen up if you are too!)

This is how it works, between May 14 & June 23 (40 days), you take 20 classes and buy them for the special price of  $240.  That works out to $12 a class!! WHAT?  Even if you decide you don't want to do the challenge, you can just scoop up the deal and get your classes in by July 1st, 2018. (But if you do take the challenge, you can WIN a 15 session monthly pack and other cool prizes! Um, yes, please!)

Once you take a class, you will be HOOKED.  And bonus, since I got to meet so many instructors at one time, I can tell ya...they are the best and make you feel like a Boost Babe from the word GO.


Pay them a visit and tell them I say HI! - check out either of their locations in River Oaks or West U. 

Until next Friday, get your move and sweat on!