Chicken Pad Thai - Spaghetti Squash

I’ve been craving Chicken Pad Thai for some time and going to the local hole in the wall (where it is amazing - Vingh Thai anyone?) is not happening anytime soon.

When I saw @wellandblooming post her recipe a few days ago, I jumped at the chance to try making it myself. I went to her blog and took a screen shot of the ingredients and ran over to @heb last night.

My husband was skeptical. After all, he’s never seen me buy a spaghetti squash before. 😳 (also, there’s spaghetti squash in pad Thai? Um, no...but you gotta trust the process)

So right there, odds were against this working. First of all, I have never cooked a spaghetti squash. Secondly, I was going to alter the recipe to use my instapot. To make my shredded chicken (rather than use rotisserie) and to cook the squash rather than roast it (7 minutes!)

While those 2 cooked away, I mixed up the peanut sauce & cooked the onions & eggs.

I was in disbelief how easily the strands of the squash came apart into spaghetti strands! I have been missing out!

After I tossed it all together, I topped with green onion, cashew pieces & lime. 

I’m happy to report that it more than satisfied my craving (by 2 servings 😳🙊) and my teenage son loved it too! Bonus: I have lunch tomorrow AND leftover squash & shredded chicken for other meals!! Whoohoo!!

Check out @wellandblooming page for the pretty pic but you can see my not so pretty process in the pics below. 😂

I’m so happy to have gotten yet another step into instapot learning curve and finding a dish I really enjoyed (and didn’t screw up! #notaculinarygenius 😂.

Give it a try a let me know if you were as successful as I! Thank you @wellandblooming 😃


Final product! 

Final product! 


The beginning. Seemed so daunting.  


Getting to know my instant pot - making shredded chicken in a jiffy.  

Adding chicken to onion & egg mixture

Adding chicken to onion & egg mixture


Adding peanut sauce