In a New York Minute...

It’s no secret that NYC is our favorite city. 

We visit often and always discuss living the dream & moving there in a fly by the seat of our pants manner. One day...🙂

In the mean time, I got to do something I was never able to do before, join the hubby on a quick business trip. Only 1 night but so fun!

We played tourists and did the few things we’ve never done while visiting the city before...visit the NYC Public Library at Bryant Park ( @nycpubliclibrary @bryantparknyc ) and the observation deck at One World Trade Center. @oneworldnyc 

And by night, of course, a yummy date night dinner at Dirty French and this time, splurging on a dessert that I spied on our walk earlier that day. A place called Rice to Riches - this place is filled with quirky and funny signs all over and dozens of flavors of delicious rice pudding.

I’ve been wanting to visit the library for years and each time we visit, we run out of time. I highly recommend checking it out if you can. The architecture and history there is amazing! Also, the gift shop has some incredibly unique things!

Needless to say, One World Trade Center is majestic. You can see forever from those views and the heart & souls put into the construction of the project resonates as you walk through. It is a true testament to the perseverance and strength of NYC. (Why I love her so...😍)

Oh! While walking around on my own, I came across a sculpture as an homage to “The Last Three” White Rhinos 🦏 left in existence. A timely and sad coincidence since as of earlier this week, there is only 2. Sudan, the last male, passed away. 😞

To sum up, I tend to agree with the saying that New York is always a good idea  it’s energy and people are like no other!