Rest, Relax & Reconnect

A little get away with the mister (and friends) was just what I was needing. 

As busy moms, it’s so easy to not tend to the important “self-care” time we need, even if your workout program requires some. 🙈

.55 days in to #80dayobsession and in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had huge knots in my neck & shoulders. I’m also sore in places I didn’t even know I had muscles. 😳

I haven’t taken my rest days seriously enough and used them for rolling, recovery & self care as I should. My body is paying for it. 

We still have a couple more days but in the first, we landed & got our workout in, had a great lunch and an AMAZING massage, followed by strolling, shopping and enjoying each other, and dinner with friends. 

Spending the time to connect with hubby without a little person between us or a jealous dog jumping on us every time we hug is important too. 😂 (instead, here, I was trying to take a date night outfit selfie and got a nice “hey, perky butt alert pinch and selfie crash...uninterrupted mushy moment 😍) see pics lol

Spending one on one and having a “date weekend” really helps to sync up, catch up on conversations that always get interrupted and start new ones sharing our dreams, goals, concerns. 

We tend to those littles (and big kids) plenty on the day to day. And we miss and talk about them the whole time we’re gone. But, we must take the the time to nurture our makes for a healthier friendship, marriage and parenting partnership with that one person we love the most. ❤️

Take some time today to acknowledge your body, mind and relationships. A good stretch and an evening walk alone is sometimes just enough to level things out before the new week starts again.

Happy Sunday, all!!