New Year, Stronger You!

Today marks the LAST day of my 8 week LIIFT4 challenge group! We've got some strong mamas (and papas) who killed it over the holidays! I am so proud and SUPER excited to keep the momentum rolling for them and for anyone else that wants to jump in and join us.


Having a predetermined schedule and a group to keep me accountable as well as seeing everyone’s daily motivation and inspirational posts are all the keys that help ME reach my goals. Because let’s face it, there are days that I just don’t want to workout and really rather just binge on an entire bag of chips on the couch. My tribe keeps me honest. :)

Whether you're looking for weight management, increased metabolism, looking to build lean muscle, or get Spring Break ready after the holiday binge eating, THIS is your opportunity to commit to focusing on exercise and healthy diet.

Studies have shown that when we work together in a team or a unit, we are more than 3x likely to reach our goals! It is proven that if you focus on the tips each day, exercise regularly, and eat healthy meals, your fitness goals can be in reach.

What you get:

🙌🏻Flexible eating plan

🙌🏻Workout program from SUPER trainers (beginner to advanced) (Your choice: LIIFT4, 21 Day Fix, 80Day Obsession, NEW Transform 20!)

🙌🏻Motivation, inspiration & ACCOUNTABILITY

🙌🏻A private FB group

🙌🏻 The BEST results you’ve EVER HAD!!

You bring:

👉🏼Your goals & desire to crush them

👉🏼Questions, comments and overall participation.!

👀Challenge Group starts Monday, January 14th 👀

Who wants in? Let’s do this!! 💪🏻🙌🏻👊🏻


ALL fitness levels and ages welcome! We've got modifiers in every video. Message me for details or the promotional link.