Pushing UP

I remember when I couldn’t do one single push-up.

It’s been a journey to get stronger and build up to do them. They are NEVER my first choice in exercise. In fact, I avoid them as much as possible. But, with 80 Day Obsession, Phase 3 - Total Body Core they are thrown at me in more ways than I thought possible. 

Today, I cursed the pushups... wide on sliders, regular with a Turkish get up/Press/Row & Tricep with a crunch. 2 sets of 15/16 EACH!! 

I did every rep, even if I had to get down to my knees for a few & falling on my face towards the end (watch the video...I caught it). Nonetheless, I still pushed forward. 
The point of all this? We CAN do hard things. And then we can do them better than before. And we are better for it. 

Keep pushing onward. Don’t quit. (use that for all things life too!)

Watch the video for some highlights of the workout...the LAST of Phase 3, by the way!  This was Day 72 of 80!