Triathlon Training with adidas Ultraboost

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When I first started running about 10 years ago, one of the first things I did was to head over to the running store and get fitted with a proper shoe. Unfortunately for me, they got a wrong read on me and I ended up with Plantar Fasciitis. Ugh! After getting PLENTY of treatment and at the suggestion of my doctor, I went back to the store and swapped out for another pair, same brand, that was more neutral. Apparently, I have a faux arch or rather a Fallen arch. By looking at them, my feet do not appear to be flat but when I stand, my arch falls and boom, flat feet. Can’t blame the guy for not knowing what I myself did not know. We were punked. Lol.

The new shoe was great and because I had no injury, it was officially MY SHOE. I went through at least 6 versions of the same shoe over the years and went they discontinued them last year, I panicked a little. I had bypassed EVER trying another shoe for the risk of getting PF again. As an athlete, getting sidelined for injury is frustrating and annoying and our intolerance for patience becomes apparent in a quick minute. 😬

At the suggestion of a friend and very seasoned runner, I tried another shoe. It worked for me, I can’t complain. I risked training for my first Half Ironman triathlon in them and came through to the other side uninjured. That, is success!! I pushed them through another training cycle for my second Half Ironman in Galveston, Texas earlier this year as well.

I was generally satisfied with the shoe but not ecstatic. I mean, it’s a shoe. Right? How great could it actually be other than running the race FOR you?

Enter Adidas Ultraboost19 earlier this year…

I was kindly gifted a pair to test and review and my first and only thought would be that they were my gym workout, walk the dog shoe. What can I say? I must have really been traumatized by my PF experience and I have become risk adverse in experimenting with new running shoes.

Exhibit A:

I owe today's workout to accountability partners (friends) and groups. I've said it a million times, but I'm saying it again for those in the back (which sometimes if my own forgetful self)'re less likely to quit on a program or a workout if you have someone counting on you to do it or if you need to check in with someone. . With my #triathlontraining , I had a schedule to follow & 1 training buddy to get me out on the bike and into the lake for OWS. Other than that, I was accountable to me via schedule and posting here (as my fitness journey began a few years ago). . Since I finished up training, I've let life take the driver's seat and my fitness was in the back seat rolling around somewhere. . Consistency, not my strength these days. 🤷🏻‍♀️ . But Monday's are for fresh starts. @abrahamfashionabrahamfitness started an 8 week program today and asked for me to join to help HER stay accountable & on track. Turns out, I needed it too. . Chest & Tris done and then, a short run to test out the new #ultraboost . This motivated me to FINALLY look at the race schedule for 2019 and realistically set some goals. I'm still on the fence on some things but I'm going to go ahead and start training for the scenario. #gobigorgohome . You'll be seeing a lot more #swimbikerun around here, with the lift too. 🏊🏼‍♀️ 🚴🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏋🏻‍♀️ . I have a busy Summer ahead but I think I function best with a full plate. . Message me if you want to join us, it's 4 workouts a week, 30-40 minutes each. Swipe to see day 1's workout. It will transform you inside and out.

Well, that was in May and since then, I had noticed that any run, short or long, had become a nuisance. I started feeling that my feet felt heavy, my shins burned and my knees and hips were “tweaky” during every run. I assumed it was just my old body.

So I started sprinkling in alternating runs in my Ultraboost …I noticed a spring in my step! What I was starting to dread at the beginning of every run turned out to be a fantastic run!

I mean, I have another pair of Parley Ultraboost that I have worn for awhile now and I have said a million times that they are like walking on clouds.

These are no different. I am hooked and have now switched wholeheartedly to training in these babies!

ultraboost19 b.jpg
ultraboost19 c.jpg

Ironman Waco 70.3 is on the horizon this October and as of right now, my Ultraboost will be there with me! I’m a changed woman! Thanks, adidas!!

Ultraboost19 a.JPG