Easy Meal Prep Hacks


Ideally, Saturdays are for grocery shopping and Sundays are for meal prepping. Following this pattern, for my family and lifestyle, ensures that at least “I” stay on track with my clean eating throughout the week. However, there are weekends (like the one when your daughter’s birthday AND Super Bowl coincide) where that is just not possible.

So, that means that I was playing Monday morning quarterback and cramming it all in very quickly so as to avoid “snaccidents” all week and completely wrecking my goals.

In true rushed, multi tasking mom form, I decided to record my super fast meal prep because I thought someone, somewhere may find comfort in knowing that you CAN do quick meal prep. And, that it’s TOTALLY okay to not feel like you have to feed your family (and yourself) gourmet style, complicated recipes that take tons of ingredients and time in order for them to be healthy. (I posted small clips in my Instagram stories that day and have since got so many questions that I thought I’d put it all together here.)

In this instance, I made all the things on hand that I picked up late in the previous week…Turkey burger patties, spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes and green beans. The only added ingredients: olive oil spray & lemon pepper spice. THAT. IS. IT. And, I didn’t even have the time to wait on my oven to preheat so I roasted veggies in my toaster oven! Use the tools you have! The best part of it all, minimal clean up!! WIN-WIN for this busy mom!

Sweet Potato/Potato Hack:

  1. Scrub/wash potato(s)

  2. Poke holes in potato

  3. Wrap in wet paper towel

  4. Cook in microwave (mine has a sensor cook option, otherwise try 4 minutes and check every minute after)

Spaghetti Squash Hack:

  1. Cut in half, scoop out seeds

  2. Place in Instant Pot with water

  3. Cook for 7 minutes

  4. Let it cool before separating

Here are all my cooked items and lunch later that day!

As long as you are eating whole & clean foods, with little planning, you will be on the road to success. Vegetables are ALWAYS a win and lean proteins will keep you full.

Let me know if you try these!