How to Cut a Shirt into a Tank Top - DIY - NO Sew

How many big boxy t-shirts do you have sitting in an old drawer or hanging in the back of the closet from a charity walk or 5k? Or maybe from some volunteer work or random giveaway? I mean, do we REALLY ever wear those things again? If you are decluttering, they are likely to make it to the trash or as dust rags in the garage.

Or, how many times have you seen a really cute t-shirt but the fact that its a t-shirt keeps you from getting it because you don’t think you’d ever wear it? Well, that’s what happened to me on a recent trip to Target. (No surprise there, right?). I got this Red Hot Chili Pepper shirt and for the price, I was willing to take a chance. Haha


But if you haven’t ditched them yet, try repurposing them! You don’t have much to lose, even for the brand new ones at 12.99. And really, if you are using them for working out, house or yard work, it’s kind of hard to screw it up. Even I can do it!! LOL

Simple steps:

  1. Turn shirt inside out, front facing you.

  2. Use a tank top you like the fit on to measure out the arm holes and neck and trace.

  3. Cut arm holes.

  4. Cut only the front side of the neck and keep in mind any design features you don’t want to cut off. Maybe skip this if the design goes up to the neck.

  5. If the length is too long, measure that and cut across. I usually tie my shirts to make them tight in the back.

  6. If it’s not perfect, don’t stress it! It’s a muscle shirt, embrace the imperfect!

I will be posting other fun options for the back designs soon! Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

What do you think? Not bad!

What do you think? Not bad!

Shop my outfit: T-shirt from Target here or here Red Leggings here or similar here Adidas Ultraboost in the link below or my favorite by Stella McCartney here

Tying it in the back to take up any extra slack.

Tying it in the back to take up any extra slack.