Wellness Wednesday - Dynamic Cupping Massage Therapy

To continue in my quest in practicing proper recovery during this triathlon training cycle, I paid another visit to the Massage Heights in Washington Heights, Houston. My session was 90 minutes long and having very limited experience into how cupping exactly works on the full body, I was curious as to how this session would go.

As in my last post, where I discussed my 90 minute sports massage, my therapist asked me before hand what I was experiencing and how I felt. He had my file in hand and was able to note the muscles that were of issue in my last treatment. I specifically wanted those same areas (my neck and shoulders) to be worked on but in addition, my left knee had been bothering me quite a bit.


The treatment began much as a massage would. Warming up the muscles in each area and kneading out the knots. However, with the added Cupping service, silicone cups are suctioned on the skin and left in those same areas pulling the blood up to the surface and into the muscles. Before pulling the cups off, they were dragged along the back in what felt like a pattern. It felt really good and as the treatment progressed, more cups were added and kept on the location depending on how badly the area needed it.

After awhile, my skin felt prickly and almost a little itchy which was indication of the blood circulating close to the surface of the skin.


I wish I had taken photos or video of the work done on my knee. My therapist spent a good amount of time gently massaging all around my knee cap and then massaged and cupped the entire IT band area. This, I know from previous experience, is the culprit of all my knee woes. My tight hamstrings lead to tight IT band and like dominoes, my knee caves under the pressure.

Because my shoulders and back were in the worst shape (from years of holding tension there), I found that I was left with a couple of marks from the cups. They were gone in a day or so (but I kinda felt like Michael Phelps lol).

The true test was how I’d feel the next day on my longest training days…4:15 on the bike followed by 45 minute run. It went remarkably well! The pain in my knee was 100% gone! I was pretty excited about that development so I plan to have both knees worked on equally on my next visit.


I must do a better job of rolling and stretching in between treatments but the work that was done on my tired muscles was remarkable.

From their website, here is the description of the service:

Dynamic Cupping Therapy *

Promote healing of the body with this pain-free, therapeutic treatment that improves flexibility, range of motion, and so much more. This beneficial service uses silicone cups to create suction, allowing for better circulation and easier movement of the muscle. Pulling actions used during the session help to promote a deep relaxation throughout the entire body.

Whether you are an athlete or not, circulation and flexibility are important to us all. Pay Massage Heights at Washington Heights a visit and see what service can best serve you!

***a massage with cupping therapy is $79.99 and $94.99 for 60 and 90 minutes, respectively for first time visitors. Please ask about their amazing membership programs!

Check them out on their Facebook Page too!