Post Race - Recovery and Setting New Goals

The first day after the race all I really wanted to do was lay in bed. However, that is the worse thing you can do. Moving around and getting all that lactic acid out is best.

I took advantage of my gym membership and all the perks they have to offer. Getting there was half the battle but I also made sure that I hydrated tons today too. Water is a great aid to recovery.

I arrived at the gym and started with some stretching then moved to the hydrotherapy pool and finally 15 minutes on the hydro massage table. Of all the things, I believe that cold water was key in making me feel like new (almost).

Here is a visual recap:

Now that that is all done, now what?? Triathlon season is pretty much over and quite frankly, I was tired of the training. I do feel that I have a good base though that I should do something else with it before starts to go away. Yes, it goes away quickly if you don’t stay with it.

I’m dabbling with the idea of trying to set a new PR in half marathon, perhaps maybe even breaking that 2:00 mark that eluded me last time in Miami due to injury.

We’ll see, in the mean time I signed up for a Virtual 5k to complete in conjunction with those running the New York City Marathon. We had a busy weekend but I still managed to get it down with my hubby. I figured it will kick start his next challenge with me when we start LIIFT4 next Monday (Nov 12th)

That will DEFINITELY keep us in check throughout the holidays with parties and travel. My family has already started so it will be a fit fam party!

Want to join us? Comment below, send me an email or fill out the form! Be sure to follow me on Instagram too, I have daily details there that you can follow along on.

Happy Monday to all - hope you do something for yourself today to make your week great!

Valerie VillarrealComment