Music - the Soundtracks of my PRs

When I learned that I would not be allowed to listen to music throughout Ironman Waco 70.3, I was a tad concerned. I wasn’t terribly upset as I understand the safety concerns involved, particularly on the bike. I don’t usually ride with music and if I do, I either wear only one earbud or listen through the speaker in my phone. On the run though, there is certain music that just gets me geared up and picks up my pace.

After many years of not racing, I remember specifically listening to the Hamilton soundtrack during The Woodlands Half Marathon a few years ago and one particular song “Wait For It”, I repeated probably 4 times to get me through a difficult portion of the run. I PR’d that race from my first ever half about 6 years prior by about 15 minutes.

When I ran the Miami Half Marathon the following year, my goal was to break 2 hours. However, I was injured during a long training run and had to ditch running completely for about 3 weeks before the race. I still travelled there because I wanted to support and hang with my friend who was running the full. Plus, everything was already paid for! I decided to gear up on race day and at least show up. It was cold and miserable and I was still limping. I figured I would walk the race and get my medal to bring home.

When I crossed the starting mat however, I ran. I don’t know what came over me but maybe the Latin beats in my ears while running in my hometown had something do to with it. Also, PINK, Imagine Dragons and again Hamilton. Certain songs I connect with and they inspire, motivate and push me to the finish. I ended up PR’ing that race that too by over a minute! Um, I was injured! Crazy!

Fast forward to Waco where without music and AFTER a 56 mile bike ride, I clocked in a super hilly half marathon at 2:18. Not bad all things considered.

So here I am trying to maintain the momentum of all my training, taking into consideration my previous experiences and now adding back some music to attempt once again to break that 2 hour goal.

Today, I ran 7 miles to prepare. I was discombobulated with my pace for the first few miles. I was cold, my foot and toes numb, I was trying to go too fast and then I got hot and couldn’t think straight and basically forgot everything I learned during my 16 weeks of half ironman training. I shed some layers after 4 miles and popped on my new favorite soundtrack…The Greatest Showman. Goodness gracious…after a tough 4 miles, the next 3 were easy in comparison because of what I was listening to.

I am now searching for a race to sign up for and am building a playlist that will get me to my goal, though I know ultimately it’s the fire in my belly that will get me there. The fire in my belly and the lyrics that speak to me about my journey will help me crush my goal.


So yes, I’m sure you see a common thread with these two songs. I’m not necessarily a show tunes nerd. But the lyrics, the lyrics of these two soundtracks just get me. Inspiration, hope, fight, getting over obstacles, you see a pattern? I also love other music…P!nk has an album that is very personal to me and Imagine Dragons also has some very motivating songs.

What songs speak to you? Do you run with music and if so, what are your must haves in your playlist?

Here are the lyrics of those I posted above.

Wait For It

Wait for it, wait for it

Theodosia writes me a letter every day
I'm keeping the bed warm while her husband is away
He's on the British side in Georgia
He's trying to keep the colonies in line
Well he can keep all of Georgia
'Cause Theodosia, she's mine

Love don't discriminate
Between the sinners and the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes
And we keep lovin' anyway
We laugh and we cry and we break
And we make our mistakes
And if there's a reason I'm by her side
So many have tried
I'm willing to wait for it
Then, I'm willing to wait for it

My grandfather was a fire and brimstone preacher, preacher, preacher, preacher
But there are things that the homilies and hymns won't teach ya, teach ya, teach ya, teach ya
My mother was a genius, genius, my father commanded respect, respect
When they died they left no instructions, just a legacy to protect

The Greatest Show


Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for (woah)
Been searching in the dark, your sweat soaking through the floor (woah)
And buried in your bones there's an ache that you can't ignore
Taking your breath, stealing your mind
And all that was real is left behind

Don't fight it, it's coming for you, running at ya
It's only this moment, don't care what comes after
Your fever dream, can't you see it getting closer
Just surrender 'cause you feel the feeling taking over
It's fire, it's freedom, it's flooding open
It's a preacher in the pulpit and you'll find devotion
There's something breaking at the brick of every wall, it's holding
All that you know
So tell me do you wanna go?

Where it's covered in all the colored lights
Where the runaways are running the night
Impossible comes true, it's taking over you
Oh, this is the greatst show
We light it up, we won't come down
And the sun can't stop us now
Watching it come true, it's taking over you
Oh, this is the greatest show.

Stay tuned to see what race I sign up for an how I build my playlist. :)

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