Working through Burn Out

I haven’t said it out loud but this week....ooof, this week I’m feeling a little burned out. Extra sore, tired and just an overall bleh feeling with regard to training.  Funny thing, I didn’t realize that’s what it was until I saw someone training for my same race (Waco IM70.3) say so on social media. 

I immediately felt the connection and jumped in with my own comments as did a flood of others in the same predicament.


Evidently, it seems to be a common occurrence when training for such a long period of time (I’m 13 weeks into a 16 week program) to feel that exhaustive sensation where the mere discussion of training makes your head roll.

I am not alone and I’ve felt the feeling before while training for a half marathon a couple years ago too. I did NOT want to run one more stinking mile.  I was SO over it!

So, I’m heeding advice to rest this week and taking advantage of the time to roll my schedule back from the “mom track” (moving long workouts to weekdays). 

I took full rest from training on Monday, my usual long ride day and yesterday, thunderstorms kept me from my swim so I just did my long brick  and extended the bike an extra 15 minutes. 

Im taking the rest of the week as it comes and I’ll start official on week 13 of training. 

If history has a habit of repeating itself, the baby break will  make for an awesome race (much like the Miami Half was for me!)